Water, water everywhere!

Nursery had a fabulous time in the sun this week with water. We paddled our hot toes in the water. We made gigantic bubbles using a hoop in the tuff spot tray. We watered our garden and explored our water pump tunnel. We used the hose to fill containers, water the garden and fill the water tray.

When the weather turned rainy, we went out exploring the rain and the puddles. We floated ducks on the puddles. We drew with chalk in the puddles. We tried to transfer water from one puddle to another so that it would be deep enough for the ducks to float on  more successfully.


We sang this song outside. Sing it at home with your family.

We are going to be learning more about our bodies this week. We have drawn around our bodies and painted them, drawn charcoal faces, and worked hard to finish our art display for the hall. Watch this space!