Where have all the dinosaurs gone?

We are going to be finding out about dinosaurs this week. As they are now extinct it makes us think about these global issues. To protect our environment we need to consider how to respect our environment before more species become extinct!


Learn this great song!

What dinosaurs would you like to learn about?

Play these dinosaur games.


identify the dinosaur


Dig for dinosaur bones here!


P4C (Philosophy for Children)

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What would it be good or bad if dinosaurs still lived today? Why? 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Rights Respecting Focus – Article 29 – Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live peacefully, protect the environment and respect other people.

(We will be thinking about our environment, sustainability and the importance of minibeasts in our environment. )

We will be exploring one of our favourite stories this week. ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Watch this lovely animation here!

Try this cosmic adventure as a new way of exploring the story.

How about learning this great song?

This week we will be learning about the life cycle of the butterfly. Watch this information film about the Monach butterfly.

Or find out more information in this video diary.

We will be exploring our outside area to see what minibeasts we can find. I wonder where we might find caterpillars? What minibeast would you like to find? Can you find out anything about your favourite minibeast?

Draw a minibeast with this game.


Play these symmetrical maths games



Family Fun!

This week we will be learning about our families.

 We will be exploring family stories.

What’s your favourite family story?


What is special about your family?

The Fungooms are a family who have  lots of exiting online games perfet for children in Nursery. Click this link.



We are exploring size, measurement and comparative language.

Play this game


The worlds largest lesson

We focused our global lesson on ‘Clean water for all’.

We walked all around the nursery inside and outside thinking about where we find water. We made a list and took photographs.

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We thought about whether we waste water at school. We tried to think of ways we could be more careful.

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Here are some ideas to save water at home.

Lots of water is unsafe to drink know because of increased pollution. In Philosophy for children we looked at two types of water one clean and one dirty. The children thought about what water they would like to drink and why?

Find out more water information here