Growing Time!

This week we will think about things that grow. The children will think about how they have grown since being babies and what other things grow too.

What things can you think of that grow?


We will also be doing some autumn planting in our garden. Lets think about were fruit and vegetables grow. Find out more here.

We will also be exploring our senses.


London School children Draw a Red Line for the Climate — Outdoor Learning

Commuters along one of South London’s busiest rail links have an ambitious new piece of public art to contemplate thanks to children from Christ Church Primary School SW9, who are drawing attention to the effects of climate change. Sitting on the roof top of local restaurant ‘Olley’s Fish Experience’, the 3 meter tall sculpture is […]

via London School children Draw a Red Line for the Climate — Outdoor Learning

Family Fun!

This week we will be learning about our families.

 We will be exploring family stories.

What’s your favourite family story?


What is special about your family?

The Fungooms are a family who have  lots of exiting online games perfet for children in Nursery. Click this link.


We are exploring size, measurement and comparative language.

Play this game


The worlds largest lesson

We focused our global lesson on ‘Clean water for all’.

We walked all around the nursery inside and outside thinking about where we find water. We made a list and took photographs.

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We thought about whether we waste water at school. We tried to think of ways we could be more careful.

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Here are some ideas to save water at home.

Lots of water is unsafe to drink know because of increased pollution. In Philosophy for children we looked at two types of water one clean and one dirty. The children thought about what water they would like to drink and why?

Find out more water information here


Water, water everywhere!

Nursery had a fabulous time in the sun this week with water. We paddled our hot toes in the water. We made gigantic bubbles using a hoop in the tuff spot tray. We watered our garden and explored our water pump tunnel. We used the hose to fill containers, water the garden and fill the water tray.

When the weather turned rainy, we went out exploring the rain and the puddles. We floated ducks on the puddles. We drew with chalk in the puddles. We tried to transfer water from one puddle to another so that it would be deep enough for the ducks to float on  more successfully.


We sang this song outside. Sing it at home with your family.

We are going to be learning more about our bodies this week. We have drawn around our bodies and painted them, drawn charcoal faces, and worked hard to finish our art display for the hall. Watch this space!


Time to play in Nursery!

What are we learning this week?

Welcome back children, we have missed you so much! This week we will be settling into routines and making sure you are all feeling really happy to be back.

I wonder if you will do the same activities as Spot in class?

What is your favourite thing to do at school?

Sing this song

Play these favourite early years games here.