On a cold a frosty morning…


As the weather gets colder and we leave autumn behind. December is approaching and we will be looking for signs of winter outside. We will be doing some winter planting, making a winter display, winter art, as well as making a Santa’s Grotto.

We will be sharing lots of winter books.


What was your favourite story? Why?

Who was your favourite character?

What would you do on a snowy day?

What clothes would you wear on a cold day?

Who were the characters in the story?

What different types of weather could you see?

Where did their journey take them?

How did the bear feel at the end of the story?


Where would you like to go with your family?


What number is on your door?

How old are you, what does that number look like?

Why do we need to recognise our numbers?

Play this game



Understanding the World

Why don’t you try this at home?

Phonics Phase 1

Environmental Sounds 




Oral Blending & Segmenting – Can you guess the objects?



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