Anti-Bullying Week

This week the whole school will be making a stand about bullying with the theme ‘power for good’. On Friday everyone will be allowed to wear blue to school to raise funds to prevent bullying. Aiming to empower all children to stand together and say whether bullying is happening to them or to speak out if it is happening to someone else whether that’s face to face or online.

Article 19 UNICEF Rights of the Child states that Governments must do all they can to protect children from all forms of violence.

In Nursery we will be exploring kind and unkind behaviour and the importance of using kind hands and kind words. We will also explore what is the right thing to do. We will be thinking about how we can look after others whilst having strategies that help us speak out about something we don’t like.

Can you think of ways to solve these problems?

What would you do if someone teased you? Or was unkind to you? What about if you saw someone being unkind to someone else?

Draw a picture to show your ideas and bring it into Nursery! That would be simply amazing! You would receive a well earned certificate.


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