This week we will be exploring light and dark. What could be better than learning about ‘Diwali’ The festival of lights. Hindus and Sikhs celebrate their New Year at this time over five days. It’s one of the biggest festivals in India. It celebrates the victory of good over evil. Find out more here.

Image result for happy diwali

Find out about Rama & Sita here

Philosophy for children

Who are the good characters in the story?

Who are the bad characters?

How would you feel to be banished from your home?

Hannuman can fly, what special power would you like to have?

How do you feel in the dark?

How would you have felt when you saw the lights guiding you home?

Make your own story scene here!




Ravana the evil character in Diwali had ten heads. So we are going to be counting this week. These games will help you count more accurately.

bubble     ginger     321

Exploring the world

We are going to be investigating light and dark this week. Why don’t you try and make a shadow puppet at home. Bring it to Nursery!


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